Friday, February 8, 2013

Lolita Blog Carousel~Invent Your Own Brand

I've actually tried to launch my own brand before, but really didn't succeed because I don't have enough confidence in myself. I'd named it Carousel Cafe Fashion because I wanted to have a combined fashion boutique and cafe in the future, but that seems highly unlikely now!

If I were to start over from scratch, I think I would actually just name it after my sewing tutorial series - Sparkle Stitches. I'm not sure if that's even a good name, but hey, this is make-believe!

If I could invent any three prints/dresses to make, I would want to combine some of my other favorite things! I only had time to make two black and white sketches because I'm so busy with work, Fashion Week, and Chinese New Year!

Dinosaur Lolita
An earth-toned outfit with an open bustle in the back would be fun! I'd use solid layers of alternating greens and browns for the bustle, and have an open front with pin-tucks. I think bell-shaped princess sleeves would be really cute! Dinosaur high heels would finish the outfit and dinosaur accessories!
It could also take a Gothic twist by using dinosaur fossils instead. Spooky feel!
 photo img104_zps84b10063.jpg

Pokemon Lolita
Pokemon is my biggest love! The licensed character fabrics are so expensive, though. I'd want a print of my favorite Pokemon as an all-over print on a white base. The top would be black and red with black dot tulle overlay. Or perhaps an applique instead of a print! Red and black ruffles on the hem can help balance out the colors on top~
 photo img105_zpsf87a1fdf.jpg

Cyborg Lolita
Cyborgs are so intriguing... a Gothic cyborg Lolita dress would be fun!
Electric wires and glowing lights, LEDs and metallic finishes. Sharp, geometric lines and of course, stompy boots!
A Sweet Lolita version would also be really interesting to see... a cute, sweet cyborg!

 photo 581410_3690648225658_1684158216_n.jpg
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