Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of the Snake!

Happy Chinese New Year!
It is now the Year of the Snake! How many of you were born in this year? ^u^v

I made a quick coord using the lucky color red and accents of gold on Polyvore. I haven't used it in a long time, so I'm not very good at the features!

Chinese New Year 2013 Lolita

I wanted to create an elegant outfit that would feel very fun to wear! I especially love the Chinese knot gold ring ^^; It's super cute! I want to try and make one out of actual string, since I can't forge gold ;)

I hope the new year brings happiness, fortune, and new beginnings for everybody!

Some photos from Chinese New Year Eve (the 9th!)
 photo CIMG4934_zpsd1116847.jpg
My mom and I had hotpot for lunch! Yum!
We didn't get all the traditional New Year foods this year, but we have the fish at least!

 photo CIMG4937_zpsb1c177f0.jpg
The penguin shape is a new one! I like the panda face too :) Originally there was only Hello Kitty and bunny.

 photo CIMG4939_zps85828a97.jpg
Teddy is helping arrange oranges~

 photo CIMG4941_zps38c898c8.jpg
We went on a walk at BiTan. It was lovely! Working off those calories!

 photo CIMG4947_zps12507cfa.jpg
We went to a temple. These are the local area gods. There are a lot!

 photo CIMG4952_zpsac2f215f.jpg
I took a self-photo on BiTam suspension bridge. Because it was New Year, there weren't many people and all the shops were closed. There were also fireworks!

 photo CIMG4954_zps03b6ab73.jpg
After getting home, I craved glutinous rice dumplings with sesame filling :) My mom got purple ones this time! They taste the same, they are just made from purple glutinous rice instead.

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Hm, it's interesting to see how my blog has changed :P I hope you all have a great day! photo happy-Chinese-new-year-20131_zps7e6921fa.jpg