Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Modern Traditional Moon Festival

I had my first "modern traditional" Moon Festival celebration this year! Traditionally, we eat pomelos (and make hats with the skin) and mooncakes and look at the moon. About 20 years ago, for some reason, Taiwan started adding barbecue to the list of things to do for the Moon Festival.

"Moon Cakes Are Delicious"

What has BBQ got to do with mid-autumn? Not much, to be honest, but it gets the younger generation involved so why not?

"Moon is Very Round"

In Minnesota, we had a grill and could barbecue on our deck. Space is a luxury here, so you can see the streets lined with people grilling on small grills while squatting or seated on low stools and the smell of different meats, seafood, and vegetables along with everybody's own unique blend of sauces will fill your nose for the whole weekend!

Teddy is pretending to run. Really, she never exercises, just like me.

So on Sunday evening I went to my first proper roadside BBQ with my boyfriend (P.S. I am officially in my first relationship of my life) at a bike shop his friend owns. There was a ridiculous amount of food!!! Since I am vegetarian, I didn't eat any of the insane abundance of MEAT MEAT MEAT but it was still fun!

Roadside BBQ
A bike shop two shops down also had a BBQ and we went to that one on accident first and they said if we couldn't find the right shop we should just join theirs. Gotta love the hospitality!

One of my (many) plates! Stinky tofu, bamboo shoots, green pepper!

Roasted corn!

Absolutely enormous Japanese shrimp and a squid. I don't know who brought those shrimp, but they are normally quite expensive!!!
The milk carton contained the sauce we put on everything :D

Working the grill

This is BB. He is begging for food from me.

Overall it was very fun! Though I actually didn't even eat any moon cakes at all this year ^^; I'm sure the gifting of moon cakes will continue for a week or so though! Our office did give moon cakes before the Moon Festival, but they contained pork floss so I gave them to my boyfriend Ano instead.

Did you observe the moon this weekend? It was very bright and large!