Monday, September 15, 2014

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei

On Sunday I went to the final day of Tokyo Crazy Kawaii!

The ticket price was quite high and I was unfamiliar with most of the performance artists, but the vendors were great! I was happy to see KOKOkim brand in real life, though I must admit the fabric quality is rather poor.... The bag and shoes were lovely and the prints were cute though!

Painting done live!

Candy workshop you can diy some candy! It was too crowded though...

This is a kimono printed as a sewing pattern with instructions! I remember this used to be done with bags and aprons and quilts since they are easy to make. Having a ready to cut kimono in cute and funny prints would be great too!

I will put photos with me and artist details after the high quality photos are done, but this is a mobile post with Teddy as the main model 😉