Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yes Bear! A Lolita Meetup (with bears) And Kayo Horaguchi Design!

YES BEAR!  I love bears.  I love teddy bears.  I spent a period of grade school reading every single grizzly bear book I could get my hands on at the library.  All the libraries.  I love bears!

On the 24th of January we had our January meetup, and the theme, drawn at the last (chiffon) meetup, which I did not attend, was BEARS!  Can you tell I am excited?
This is my no-makeup face :)  I am wearing green contact large lens, though.

Group photo!  Can you even spot the bear on each Lolita?
From left to right, front to back:
Niya: tights Wang: Rilakkuma Hakko: Print + BTSSB bear
DORO: ETC print Me: Winnie the Pooh Print Teddy: Little Bear Cafe print Laina: Print MIO: BTSSB print + bear ???: bear toy Kamiko: BTSSB print + earmuffs Evelyn: Print + Duffy

The lighting was poor, but this is the best outfit shot I got!
This print was found at a remnants bin so there was only enough to make as skirt.
Teddy is a bear, but she is also wearing a bear print!!!

At this meetup the losers drew for the next meetup, and our next theme is SANRIO!  As much as I'd love to buy Sanrio fabric, it is SO expensive so I need to think carefully :3 

Little Twin Stars X Kayo Horaguchi collaboration fabric is so gorgeous.  Kamiko has a yard of this:

While I am seriously considering the Alice version:

Woohoo this is just a post sharing excitement about friends, cute things, bears, life, and everything!
Hope you are all having a lovely day and frill on!