Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tainan Trip

Recently I took a trip to Tainan with ANO for his work. Of course we still had time for a bit if fun!  Tainan literally means "Taiwan South" just like Taipei means "Taiwan North". Very creative names?  It took only a couple hours to travel by high speed rail.

We got to start at a nice hotel, ranked 8.6/10 by apparently (that's what the sign said!). We rented bikes each day to ride to the worksite at a department store, Shinkong Mitsukoshi.
 During a break we decided to investigate some old streets. Started out with handmade almond tofu cut like mango and served on ice:
 Then we saw a sugar puff thing I'd never seen before!  Ano said he'd tried it before, but basically the master melted brown sugar in this pan, added a powder, remove from heat, and stir. Suddenly the liquid comes ttogether and then puffs up and splits!!
 A fake puff to photo:
 The best fun was at the handmade wooden clog shoes shop. There were many bases and ropes or tops to choose from and the family custom make your shoes. We each bought a pair of geta style sandals. ANO chose a 10cm because he is short!
 Modern shoes options
 model shoes the mama boss said was too dangerous for me to try on without proper training. She let me try on a shoe that made me walk properly like a Chinese princess (格格)
 All the strap options
 five minutes for the daughter owner to make mine.
 At a street of shopping we passed this poop cake condors. Maybe competition for the penis cake vendors in Taipei?
 Very small poo poo cakes
 the next day ANO and his assistant Zach went to work so I explored and manage to find the only maid cafe in the city!
 They were closed, but I browsed the side shop. And took a sneaky selfie with a cat paw! Apparently the shop owner is an alumni from my university!
 That night we went to a night market and had octopus mouths:
 Saw unique flavor tarts:
 Got Thai banana dessert

look so yummy ba?

Of course got fat but now is diet time to get back under control!

What is you favorite guilty pleasure food? I like all types of cak type desserts, it's awful!

I hope this post is not considered boring because it is not related to Japan. Taiwan is quite lovely aas well*!