Monday, June 8, 2015

Belated Tomb Sweeping

Sunday I went with my mom to see my grandmother and great aunt. I've actually never met my grandmother in life, and only seen my great aunt a few times. We went up a mountain to the tower where many ancestors are staying now. 
 since my mom had spinal surgery during Tomb Sweeping Festival we didn't go then, and made up for it this past weekend.
You can purchase a vase and flowers to hang on the door. We found them overpriced but are going to see if we can bring our own. 

this is a different type of case which is clear and you can put souvenirs from life inside. We saw many miniature bottles of alcohol and old cell phones. Also some model cars and even an electronic cigarette!

There were Christian options too, with a cross instead of Buddha. 

Afterwards we went for fresh seafood.

 I tried my first sea urchin!  Didn't taste like much to be honest.

What traditions or burial/grave rituals do you observe and practice?  With the convenience of cremation and these towers, we don't need to maintain gravesites any more, just visiting. However I feel I'd rather have a greener future and be buried without a box with dirt and seeds to return to nature. Save on cremation energy and costs as well!