Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Magical Lolitas Meetup

On the 12th (yes, I'm a little backlogged) there was a Lolita meetup where the theme was "magical girl"!  As fun as that is, it turned out to be more difficult than I initially thought... and a few of us worked really hard to BS our way into saying our coord contained magic somewhere ^^;

Check us out and let me know who you think is the most magical!

RouRou with her magic wand she made herself!

Miyo with her Card Captor Sakura umbrella

QiQi with her Sailor Moon selfie stick

NiYa with her Sailor Moon necklace

Hako with her spellbook bag

Neco with her magical print (with fairies)

Kamiko with a print technically called "Magic Rabbit Tea Party" but has no magic elements illustrated
CangXing with something I forgot... I'm a bad memory person :(

Me with my mermaid print which is sort of magic? 
Lilith with "magically never ending cherries"

Skirts and Card Captor Sakura umbrella
Lilith lost this round :P  So she picked the random number for next meetup's theme... horns.  Why are we getting such difficult themes???  Many of the lolitas already have deer and ram horn headpieces, which you can find on if anybody is interested.  Suggested keywords would be 羊角,鹿角 for "sheep horn" and "deer horn" respectively.

Does anybody have any ideas for me???  Help!!!!   My current plan is to make my own unicorn horn so I only need to have one ^u^v  Not 100% sure that will turn out well, though... I've made the horn itself out of paper clay, but need to find an elegant way to attach it to my head (headband or circlet?) and figure out how to make the horn's twirl more defined, probably with sandpaper.

Well, this is a rather long entry so I hope you've enjoyed the photos at least!  Thanks for keeping up with my blog!

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