Sunday, July 26, 2015

Oh, the places you'll go

Actually I just went to a couple stores that sell cosmetics, clothes, etc.  Not quite a department store, but I don't know what they are called.

Took some snaps of cute or funny things to share!

Tiana patch

Drunk turkey wine holder

Every cosmetic store needs this!it's got a cosmetics remover tester on the left, a stack of cotton on the right, and a dustbin behind. After testing several foundations, this setup was a godsend!

Foam-filled soft lip to show you just how luscious your lips will look if you buy their products!

Tea color eyeliner tape. Somehow I doubt this will fit most eyes. 

this mascara is just too funny!  This was at a Japanese shop. 

what does the Fox say?  This foam visor is meant for children but it was funny so I took a snap!

I'm pretty sure this is an American product. Make this style easily!

What's the most interesting or funny beauty products you've seen (or maybe tried?)