Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Lolita Wedding

The day after Halloween one of our local Lolitas got married!  This was the first time I attended a wedding ceremony, so I was very excited ^3^
We had a table for Lolitas (note that the bride explicitly stated we should wear Lolita.  Do not wear Lolita to a wedding if it may detract from the bride and groom's day!)
There are not many photos, but I wanted to share my outfit from that day!
If you are ever invited to a wedding and given the OK to wear Lolita, some things to keep in mind are:
*Don't wear white or whatever the bride's dress color is
*Don't wear anything overly fancy that may look like a bridal dress, e.g., any of BABY's fancy dresses:
It may be mint, but it's still not OK
Colorful, but far too over the top for an attendee

 *Do wear a print if you can!  Printed dresses tend to look more casual and have less froufrou
*Keep accessories simple

These are just some of the things I thought about while choose my own coordinate ^u^
It was a lovely wedding, non of us stole the bride and groom's spotlight, but of course some of their family members still mistook us for cosplayers -_-

Anyway, on to the photos!
Candy bar and mask props the bride and groom used for their wedding photos:
Bonus points if you know this cartoon!  I only just recently began watching it ^_~

Cute and sweet (haha) candy bar

And a photo of us in front of their photo wall (I'm not sure the English term for this... it's just a place everybody takes a photo at and has the groom's and bride's names on it.)
 I love the paper flowers!
Overall, it was a great experience and very sweet because the bride and groom actually grew up together and went to the same school and had been dating for 10 years!!