Sunday, November 8, 2015

This is Halloween!

Happy Belated Halloween!
This year we had a fun little meetup.  We went to a restaurant that went really over-the-top with decorations.  Halloween is a time for spooky goodness, and a lot of people (including the servers) were dressed up in gory costumes or full face paint.  There were of course some more fun superhero or goofy costumes, such as big pumpkins or cartoon characters.  Many children were dressed as classics, such as princesses, superheros, witches, Disney characters, etc.

And no, "sexy" Halloween is not a thing here, for which I am very glad.  Bring on the monsters!

Before heading over, Ano and I went to a pop-up market and took the above snap.  It wasn't a Halloween-themed market per se, as they were selling everything from vintage clothing to handmade faux sweets and retro dolls.  The place was decorated for Halloween though!

 The restaurant the Lolita meetup was at is called Le Ble d'Or.  Usually a pretty fancy place, it got SUPER spooky for Halloween!  Look at all these setups:
 Teddy got in on the action as well:
 The long hallway leading up to the host podium was covered in these slashed and bloody paintings:

 The entrance was redone to say Witch House:
 These three pumpkins had MOVING expressions!  The faces are not carved, but rather projected onto the pumpkins so they would sneer and laugh and periodically disappear.  Very cool effect!
 Teddy doing some Frankenstein-esque lab experiments
And me pretending to be a witch:
 The interior was quite dark, but we had a lot of fun taking photos!  We took "idol group" type shots on the stairs ^u^  We all took turns being in the center, so here is my center shot!
Idol group: Owlita
P.S. Yes, my costume was a bear.  I didn't have any idea what to be for Halloween so I just added bear ears.  It's like cheating ^3^  Teddy is already a bear so maybe her costume was a people?

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween!  If you've got costume photos to share, please do, because I love seeing cute and creative costumes ^u^