Friday, December 4, 2015

Space Warriors

  Star Wars is all over the news right now, what with the upcoming film (are you excited?)  There was a local exhibit recently, which is still ongoing through January, called Taiwan Star Wars Fans Festival.  

  When I was little, Star Wars was one of the only movies we had, and we were allowed to watch one movie a day, so my sisters and I cycled through the three films day after day.  I also liked browsing Star Wars official guides at bookstores to see all the details and little backstories for ships, droids, and characters.  There is so much detail in the Star Wars universe!  Later, when the new episodes came out, I tried to watch them but really only made it through the first one ^^;  Can't say it was great, and the bits of the second and third weren't memorable either, so I am not sure I will bother with Force Awakens.

  Anyway, ANO was a part of the artist side of the exhibition so we attended for the media event/interview, of course ^u^v

  There was an artist exhibit, with international artists' interpretations of Star Wars characters and events, and a collectors' exhibit, which had many collectibles and merchandise-type displays.

From the collectors' side of the exhibit, some modified light sabers!

If I were a Jedi, I'd be a fluffy one

An artist painting the poster using regular paints.  Very amazing!

Sneaking a photo during his interview :P

Free cupcakes for all!
 Naturally, Taiwan Teddy also wore Lolita and attended with me ^_~
ANO's other work, Darth Vader

Another work by another artist.  I love Ewoks!!

Scenes set up from the collectors' side of the exhibit

Teddy has a light saber as well ^_~
OK, it's actually a DSlite/3DS stylus, but it fits!
I believe this artist is Japanese(?)
Apocalyptic take on Stormtrooper!

This is a super cute picture!!  Love Yoda

Another Taiwanese graffiti artist named Bounce.  He always draws this bunny.

ANO's Pixel Stormtrooper.  It's actually hollow so you can wear it if you're not afraid of the weight and sharp corners!

Collector's Millennium Falcon!
Are you planning on watching Force Awakens?  Also let me know your favorite Star Wars episode so far!  It's hard to pick between the fifth and sixth episodes for me!
Or if you like the animated cartoon movies instead?  ^u^