Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quite the Start to the New Year

I was originally going to post in the first few days of Chinese New Year but it's been quite a negative start to the year so I'll skip over all that childish drama

Just look at our food

After I was able to return to my own place things were better and I was able to visit both the Yo-kai Watch McDonald's and a free TsumTsum exhibit!


 It was quite crowded so I didn't take many snaps of the interior.  The decorations only lasted until February 15 so they are gone now!

On the 16the Ano and I went to a TsumTsum exhibit.  There were stamps for each sculpture but I didn't bring my stamps book!!  Perhaps I must go back then!  It is free entry, after all!

Here are just a few pictures.  They also sold a lot of TsumTsum goods and clothes!!

Alien/Little Green Men was my favorite!

Endless TsumTsum!

Teddy as a TsumTsum
There were two games you could play.  This one is where you draw a card and stack the TsumTsum to the correct height within 30 seconds.  The other was a memory game.

Here is a short video Teddy took of the exhibit.  Ano bought three TsumTsum cars 😝
Hope you've all had a better start to the year!  Let's keep moving forward and upward!