Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lolita Fashion X Weapons (??)

On Feb. 27 we had a Lolita meetup with a theme from me... weapons!  I didn't really think it through very well when I submitted my idea to be honest -_-; but it was a fun challenge.  Surprisingly, most of the Lolitas were able to find swords in dress prints, but 柔柔 actually brought a cosplay sword that coordinated with her outfit quite well!  And NiYa brought a toy gun and grenade from her brother's toy collection <_<;;

The lighting was yellow and space was far too cramped so we did not get good photos indoors.  By the time we made it outside, it was already dark so this time there are not many good photos, sorry!
NiYa and her weaponry

Winner!  Amazing look

Group photo!
 I'm wearing BABY's Swan Lake skirt, which has images of the prince holding a sword, so that was my weapon print :P  It's only about 2cm tall, but I'm the one setting the rules so there!
Kamiko actually would have been the one to not pass because she wore a Peter Rabbit print and claimed the farming tools the mice held were weapons.  Logic being that the pig 豬八戒 from Journey to the West (西遊記) uses a rake as a weapon (九釘耙)
This guy
He wasn't exactly very useful throughout their journey though, to be honest...
My face of the day
Thanks for reading!