Saturday, March 19, 2016

Love Chocolate Meetup

Every year, Sweet Lolita brands put one one (or several...) chocolate prints.  Chocolate often shows up in other sweets prints as well, either as toppings, dips, etc.
So with this month's meetup theme of "chocolate," you would think that it would be quite easy!
Well, I flipped through every dress and skirt in my closet only to find... I'm the worst Sweet Lolita ever!  I have NO chocolate!

So that means I had to draw for next month's theme -_-;;  But the meetup was still great fun!  Of course everybody else had a plethora of chocolate prints to choose from ^_^v

In the end, I wore my new BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT 2016 lucky pack dress and KC
None of my photos really turned out well today though!  Oops...

Waiting at the MRT station
 Candy also brought her daughter this time!  I haven't seen Candy since the day she had her daughter about four years ago I believe??  Time sure flies @_@

I got to thinking about all the other repeated themes in Lolita fashion prints, especially Sweet Lolita prints.  Example being general sweets, cakes, parfait, cherries, chocolate, strawberry, fairy tales, horses/carousel, bears, bunnies, etc.  How many common theme dresses do you have?
I've got bunnies, bears, cakes, parfaits, strawberry/cherry, and a fairy tale (Swan Lake counts, right?)

The theme for next month is... "a dress you have not worn before" by Hako!  Since I wore this dress today, I no longer have any "brand new never worn" dresses.  You know what this means?  TIME FOR SHOPPING!!!! This is a good reason to buy more dresses, right?

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