Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cardcaptor Sakura x animate cafe

Yesterday I finally made it to the Cardcaptor Sakura x animate cafe pop-up cafe!
Sakura + 知世
The space is VERY small, only four tables, so Kamiko and I ended up needing to just sit on the sidelines :(  It was also set up poorly so it was difficult to get photos without getting random customers in the photos as well.  I still did my best!

Above the ordering counter
 I wanted to order the Clow Card sundae (topmost picture at NT$270) but they were sold out already!  It seems that Cardcaptor Sakura has not lost any popularity in the 20 years it has been around!  I ended up ordering Tomoyo's music soda and Kamiko ordered Kero-chan pudding.  You can take the glass home when finished!
I also bought a key-chain set in Set A.  When we ordered, we were told that there is a promotion for accumulating points in order to get a miniature (about 15cm tall) standing cutout of a character.  However, to qualify for this, you need to order each drink once, as well as buy at least one set each of the first three goods type shown (round buttons, acrylic key-chain, silicone keychain).  That amounts to NT$2330(US$77)!  Otaku are a force to be reckoned with!

While I'm not able to spend that much money on Cardcaptor goods, I did get to geek out more by having teddy cosplay as Cardcaptor Sakura!
Cardcaptor Teddy!
I made the wig, from yarn and the hat and clothing from a T-shirt I bought at a secondhand vendor in the traditional market near my place.  The blouse is a previous project, trims are Lolita leftovers, and the magic staff is from the Anime Cosme set I bought!  There is a clear plastic loop I made to go around the staff and Teddy's paw so she can hold it.

The Light
Our order
The drink was extremely underwhelming.  At NT$150(US$5) it was just an icy soda (卡爾必思/Calpis)with whipped cream, chocolate curls, and a printed biscuit stick.
The Kerochan pudding had some unique 3D sugar wings (like sugar cubes, but wings!) and at least you can take the useful glass home!
The names mean "Tomoya's Song" and "Gluttonous Kerochan"

There were two photoshoot setups, but since it's quite small we couldn't get clear photos.  Here are some photos of the first.  The second setup was a cut-out Clow Card of "The Guest (客)" but I was too tall for it!!  So all those photos are horrible.  No posting it.

Everybody working in the cafe!
 I really loved these cute cut-outs!
Kerochan!  I really wish I could buy this design separately in the silicone keychains!

With each order you can draw a number and get a coaster.  Kamiko and I got numbers 9 and 10, but since Kamiko doesn't follow Cardcaptor Sakura, she gave me hers :3
Some fans are super collecting these and doing exchanges online for doubles and missing designs.  There are two sets of 10, with one set lasting from open to 7/14 and one from 7/18 to close.  So the ones we got are from the second set.
To be honest, I may go back and attempt to buy the Clow Card sundae again... It is just too cool and I want to get photos of it!!