Monday, August 1, 2016

Meetup Report! Coincidence with Pokemon Timing!

Last month at the perfume theme meetup we drew the theme for this month (July 23), and it was Pokemon! This coincides perfecting with the recent launching of Pokemon GO in select countries (which, sadly, does not include Taiwan...)

Note: I was planning on including group photos, but since nobody has uploaded any yet, I'm going to post first and edit with group photos later if we get them!

I made a new JSK for this meetup.

Also new nails!
Nail Art!
 The glorious bags and shadows under my eyes are really stunning.
Nail Art!
I didn't want to make anything too obviously Pokemon because that would limit the number of ways I could wear the dress or make it look like a costume.  Of course, even just wearing Lolita, people on the streets will shout (or loudly whisper) "COSPLAY" at you so... maybe it doesn't even matter -_-;;

We met up at a small place called Kitchen X which was rather difficult to find as it was located inside a China Airlines building (???)
Interesting ceiling at Kitchen X
There were only four of us at the meetup this time!  Everybody was too busy!
Afternoon tea together!
The sleeping Pikachu is actually... a tissue box cover... DORO bought it for the meetup as it's much cheaper than buying an actual plush, wore it as a purse, and then gave it to me ^///^ as she had no use for it!
Eternally grateful!

Sweets and snacks!

Don't forget your veg!

Observing the game
Overall, it was a very nice meetup where we got to talk about photoshoots, studios, and exchange tips and advice ^u^v

What is your favorite Pokemon? Are you a long-time fan? Don't care about it at all? DOES YOUR COUNTRY HAVE POKEMON GO YET??