Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Outfits for Venturing Outdoors to be the Very Best

Pokemon GO finally released in Taiwan on Aug. 6! Though most of my readers are from countries where Pokemon GO released far earlier -_-; So I suppose this is not interesting news for you.
I've been playing a lot in my free time, and have not walked around aimlessly this much, ever!

Catching Pokemon in the rain
It's also been great to go to new places and notice things that I've never noticed before. The players of Ingress who set up the locations which are now our Pokestops and Gyms were quite creative and funny with their choosing of locations and naming them!

Hatching my first egg (10km) at level 10
 Of course, there are many glitches still, which do serve both good and bad issues. The GPS tracking is the current biggest problem, sometimes not recording your movement, but at the same time sometimes allowing you to briefly go to distant Pokestops without moving, or hatching your eggs while you sit at a cafe (which happened to me today...)
Today's outfit for Pokemon GO and working
The streets are completely filled with Pokemon trainers from ages around 5 (with their parents) up through 40s and 50s who are all playing (not accompanied by children - they are interested in playing on their own!) Though it's easy to see that we are all playing the same game and there is a lot of interaction online in various facebook groups and LINE chats for the teams, there is no real-life interaction. I feel awkward to talk to strangers, and I'm sure everybody else feels the same.

Even so, it is still fun to go out and not feel awkward or anxious to be in public!  And I can take photos of Taiwan Teddy with the AR Pokemon!
Loads of Staryu near me - I live near a river
 Still, because several of my uni friends are also playing, we can more easily arrange to meet up and hang out now. There are also some plans for small meet-ups in local areas, which I hope will follow through!

Overall, I'm quite excited to see if I can make friends through playing a game I love so much and also encourages people to go outside.
Very danger....

Lost this one due to wifi break-up!
 I actually even upgraded my phone plan to get 1.5G of data flow each month so I can play Pokemon GO!  The WiFi is not stable enough to rely on, so data plans are important!

 This is also the first time I've referred to online help for playing a Pokemon game. Previously the games were all self-contained so I could just bumble around at my own pace. I've never done EV training or other "breakdowns" of the game codes because I enjoy the fantasy world of Pokemon more than being good at the game, but now that Pokemon Go has a lot of player interaction at Gyms, it is important to get good training done!

Currently, I am at level 15, almost 16. I've sweated a ton while walking under the hot sun in the humid, tropical weather we have here. Though I wear a lot of sun protection now (it is a part of the reason I wear makeup as well... when I have sunscreen on it feels not so great so I just put makeup on to feel better and keep me from rubbing my face; I normally don't wear makeup because I don't go outside for long periods of time!)

What level are you at in Pokemon Go? Have you met any new friends?  Lost weight from all the walking?  Haha!  Let me know :3 I want to get to higher levels soon so I can get different and stronger Pokemon!

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