Friday, August 19, 2016

PILI and Ghibli's Animated World Exhibits

Today I finally got some time to go to the Ghibli's Animated World Exhibit!
Unfortunately, it was immensely crowded and very dark inside, so it was difficult to get pictures...

Before we could even enter, we had to take a number and wait for an hour! So we went to the nearby Syntrend building and took photos with the Pili puppets (modernized traditional Taiwanese puppetry art and performance) and statues!!

I like the design of this one the best

3D effect floor art!

When it was finally our turn to go into the Ghibli's Animated World exhibit, we were shuffled about quite a lot because it was crowded. The displays were all intricately detailed, but did not show up well in photos due to the poor lighting!!

How many of these films do you know? I skipped a few exhibit sections, and there was a sad lack of Ponyo!!

I really liked this garden piece, even though it was incredibly simple, it was very nice and calming

Vacation time!

Let's go!

You can look into small holes all over this enclosure to see Totoro! The tummy really moved up and down!

One of the most famous scenes

Can you guess the movie just based on these weapons?

My favorite character!  The noble steed!

The forest god was actually behind a screen that would periodically darken and play a short scene from the movie where the life is restored to the forest

This effect was created by making the bridge and building both incredibly bulging

Is anybody else terrified of this witch??

This scene was incredibly detailed! I wish I could have gotten better photos of it.

What's your favorite Ghibli film? Mine is currently Ponyo, which is also why I was very devastated there was no Ponyo section of this exhibit!!!!