Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016 Japan Trip Full Day 1: Pokemon Center Osaka

My friend Carol and I arrived in Osaka on Sept. 13 in the afternoon and spent a while getting to our bnb (booked through  and then explored nearby. The first full day was Sept. 14, when we went to the Pokemon Center!

As you come off the escalator~
It is very easy to access and find. There are a number of stations you can go to. We took the JR as it was easiest from our bnb and alighted at Osaka Station. There are several department stores connected directly to the station. The Pokemon Center is located on the 13th floor of 大丸梅田 Daimaru store. There are various maps in the station to help you find your way as well, though it's unlikely you'll get lost.

Because it was mid-late September when we visited, Halloween styling was in progress!!!  Taiwan has very few Halloween things, sadly. I think we should just tack Halloween on to the end of Ghost Month and make it a two-month long celebration of all things spooky!!

OK, off-topic aside...

Pikachu and Eevee are in costume! I think it's cute that they dress as other Pokemon!
Pikachu and Teddy are holding paws!

I bought an Eevee *u*
There were simply so many goods I couldn't decide what to buy. I honestly went a little crazy, as I'd just been approved for my first credit card as well!  This is very dangerous...

Special edition Halloween circus charms:

Of course, there are regular goods as well

Beloved original characters
I also really enjoyed the "international" Pikachu!
This is the USA!

This is Japan. I bought one
Since the sixth generation of Pokemon, Mega Pokemon have been popular, so of course Mega Pokemon costume Pikachu is popular as well!

Candy grab bags

Miniature gacha of Mega
Sadly, I left before this:

In addition to plushes, charms, and toys, there were also clothing, house goods, etc.
Bags, backbags, duffles, etc.
L-folders for your school and filing needs!
As much as I love stationery goods, I knew I'd never be able to bear to use these!

Plush pens! I was sorely tempted by the Substitute one, but resisted it as I have many plush pens but don't use them because they get dirty easily...

There were also keychain versions of all the costume Pokemon

And there were mystery bag charms! Many people were feeling the packaging to try and determine which charm was concealed inside before purchasing.

Embroidered styles

More patches! Again, I'd likely never use them as I'd be afraid of changing my mind about what to stick it to...

Paper craft:

There were also some socks!  I bought the Osaka pair as that's my favorite Best Wishes series' starter (水水獺).  Plus, I LOVE takoyaki!  The ones we tried in Osaka are very different in texture from the ones here in Taiwan.  I adore both styles!

There were actually a lot of Trainers' series goods, but I'm not very much into the trainers at all ^^;

Phone cases!
The one on the left is free-style. If your phone is around 5 inches in screen size, it can fit!  So I bought one though it was mad expensive

There were also dust plugs for both the audio jack and the charger slot!

Pastel Gengar!

More home goods!!!

The cup on the top right had a series of "Oops!" Pokemon! Very cute expressions!

These are beanie Pokemon

If you like it, put a ring on it

These amazing temporary tattoos glow in the dark!!!!  But could you bear to use them up?

Overall, I spent over 15,000JPY at the Pokemon Center @___@;;  But that is a problem for Future Me to worry about~

Afterward, we shopped the rest of 大丸梅田 and another adjacent department store before meeting my friend from Osaka (who I hadn't seen in about three years!) for dinner.  It was a splendid day~

Outfit of the day and a Halloween gacha

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