Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 Osaka Gothic and Lolita Shopping Part 2

Continuing on from the long day of shopping!  See Part 1 first if you've yet to read that for other shops.

After completing my first large bit of shopping, I was headed to the next shop on my list when I passed by this small Gothic Punk shop. The red skirt on the mannequin caught my attention, so I decided to check it out!
Small shop, First Label
Inside, the shop staff members were taking photos and videos so I just looked around casually until they were finished. Inside there were many accessories and tops, but it seems just about everything was one-of-a-kind! So I had to ask the shop staff about the skirt on the mannequin. While heading back to the front of the shop, I noticed some photos on the wall and realized I actually follow one of the shop staff on Instagram! So I asked her for a photo with my teddy bear XD
@taiwan_teddy and @angelyo_sei
In the end, I did not purchase the skirt, but I really do like this shop. If you like unique Punk and Gothic styles, it's worth checking out!

A bit further down the road, I again simply happened upon another shop. I'd never heard of it before, but the mannequins at street level had some aristocratic Gothic fashions, so I decided to check it out.
It is on the second floor
And that is how I discovered the amazing brand called PRESENCE!  They also allow you to try on the clothing before you purchase, which is really great!  This is also why it is important to wear easy-on-easy-off clothes while shopping ^_~v

They carry Gothic, Aristocratic, and Fetish fashions.  It seems everything is handmade as there was a sewing machine in the shop with a partially-finished article of clothing.  I tried on a couple items, but the prices are incredibly high and I had not budgeted for it. So sadly, I was unable to buy anything, but they are very well-made inside and out, and very unique pieces. I wish I'd gotten a photo of me trying on a delightful PVC trench-coattail type of jacket (available online here)!
I'd certainly like to go back and buy something when I've got the money next time.

After those two detours, I headed towards BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, and passed by Closet Child instead!

Their logo is the second from the bottom
This Closet Child is large compared to the other second-hand shop, so you can spend a lot of time browsing :3  I was rather tired by this point so I did not spend so much time going through the Lolita fashions. Instead, I picked up a couple Putumayo pieces.
Right at the entrance

Close the the back is the Punk and Gothic section

JSK with Alice print
They carry many smaller, local brands, and also have periodic sales so keep an eye out for those!

Right next to Closet Child you can easily find two second-hand shops: Maiden Clothing and Pure Sound. I believe they are actually both the same company (Maiden Clothing) but I only went to Pure Sound, which is on the second floor. The stairwell is decorated with visual-kei posters, so it's fairly easy to spot!

Pure Sound sells Gothic, Lolita, Punk, visual-kei fashions as well as CDs. I did not check the music collection at all as I have no interest, but if you are into music as well as fashions, Pure Sound is a great shop to visit!
Some of the Lolita section of Pure Sound
The shop is rather large, so there is a lot to look at!  Everything is categorized so you can scout out your favorite brands or go straight for sales items.
I managed to knock over this entire rack of bags as well~
I was nearing my credit card upper limit by this point, so I merely picked up a Gothic Punk hoodie on sale and a bag.  The hoodie was SUCH a lifesaver, as the day I left there was a typhoon, making it extremely cold. Also the terminal and airplane were frigid!

The bag I got is a three-way bag (handheld, shoulder strap, and rucksack style) and was very affordable at 1,500JPY
A much-used bag, but I really like it and it's very roomy!
 And the hoodie has cat ears! You can't really see them well, but it's a cute and punk hoodie.

Continuing on, I passed by the Chrome Hearts store. If you are a fan of silver jewelry, this is definitely worth a visit! It's laid out like a church or museum! Very gorgeous inside.

On the way, I passed by Jane Marple, which is popular with Lolitas but I am personally not a fan so I did not visit.

Right by that is this sweeties shop. The rose ice cream is popular online I think, but I did not have any free hands to hold an ice cream so I had to pass it up.

Finally, I arrived at my favorite Brand shop, BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT! It was not nearly as difficult to find as I'd feared.  Though they are located in B1, it is visible from the street.
There were three shop staff inside and they were all very kind. I rifled around through the dresses and ended up settling on a Disney x BABY collaboration I'd been eyeing for a while. It was also on sale. Again, I was unable to find a KC within my budget to match, so I only got the JSK.

It took me forever to decide between this colorway and the Pink x Offwhite one!  I think the print pops more on this one though.

After that, I had to meet up with Carol at Glico Ya, so I was unable to visit Alice on Wednesday!!  I have marked it on the map though, so if you're interested in Alice on Wednesday I'd highly suggest to visit as it seems like an interesting shop.

That was all I could visit in one day here. Next time , I'll share the shops in Kyoto that I visited!

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