Friday, September 23, 2016

First Self Vacation: Osaka and Kyoto

Happy belated Moon Festival!  I'm back from my first time taking a vacation on my own!  I went to Osaka and Kyoto over Moon Festival break.
Well, I went with a friend, but we explored mostly independently ^u^v
I went with a friend other than Teddy, that is
Of course my main focus this time was the Pokemon Center in Osaka as well as Lolita shopping!  I also experienced an in-person lucky-pack sale at Kyoto-branch Angelic Pretty.  I also went on a last-minute trip to Universal Studios Japan, so that was amazing as well.

I plan to break the trip down into sections and post about where to find shops and what I experienced! This time of year is close to Halloween so there were  loads of Halloween special events and goods that will not be available if you visit at another time, however.

Anyway, it will likely take some time to organize all the photos I took, and I'm in the process of searching for and moving into a new place again, but I hope  to get everything posted within the next month!

Have a great day everybody ^u^v