Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Black Lace Boudoir Shoot

Sorry for the lack of posts all month. Lots of things happened but it took a while to get the photos ^^;
I have not edited the photos at all, though the photographer did adjust light and coloring.  So basically this is what the photographer gave me. On my instagram there are a few I edited if you are interested (minor edits)

 These were taken on the 27th of May, sort of like a birthday treat to myself as Neco had been looking for somebody to take a boudoir shoot with and she knew the photographer who was extremely polite.

I did run late so I got fewer shots though that is my own fault. I would be interested in working with this photographer again as he made me feel comfortable even when giving directions on how to look better.

While Neco and I had both planned two outfits, one black and one pink, we simply did not have enough time so we both chose the black set, which fit in with the room we rented more anyway

The photographer wanted to try to get some tattoo shots but to be honest, tattoo photography is really difficult.  Also mine is too large and I'd wear a different outfit if the focus would be on my tattoo!

Though I rushed through my makeup and hair due to running late, I do still like the ending result.

Of course after we did all the sultry and sexy photos, I quickly degraded into my goofy self which was really just as lot of fun!  It was a great way to end the shoot.

I started out with a black cat pose cuddling up on the sofa

Here is my Boss Cat look! I was struggling not to giggle and just look serious!

This is me dancing.  I'm pretty sure you all know what dance I'm doing ^_~  I was actually moving and the photographer snapped several photos and I guess this is the one he liked best!

You know this dance. And now you want to do it too.

One of the props was this bunch of plastic grapes.  Combined with the lounging couch, it just reminded me of luxurious Greek royalty or something.

Thanks to all the readers who have stuck around!  I've got at least two more events to post about after I get the photos edited.

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