Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Swan Princesses

On June 18 we had our Swan theme meetup!!  I had only recently discovered that Antoinette Decoration had swans on it (there is honestly so much detail in the print!) so that's what I wore. We joked that this dress could fit almost any theme because it had cake, pipe cream, macaron towers, swans, crowns, Marie Antoinette, feathers, etc.
Outfit Rundown
JSK: Angelic Pretty
Chiffon top: Little Dipper
Petticoats: Classical Puppets
Shoes, hair candies, earrings: offbrand

We went to a lovely and quaint little shop called Sugar Pea.  We got a window seat so the lighting was really awesome.  We also met some lovely ladies at the table next to us who were very polite about asking for a photo with us and we all ended up just taking a ton of photos together so it was so fun!!

One of the ladies especially loved Taiwan Teddy so much that she wanted to hold her in every photo.  When we asked her to help us take a group photos, she wanted to put Teddy in the foreground and this is my favorite photo!

Left to right:
Chiang Hsuan, me, Nicole, Laina, Amelie, Doro
The entire window region was a bit like a porch sticking out of the rest of the restaurant so we went around taking a load of pictures, as did several other groups of girlfriends having lunch together!

I also love this following picture by Nicole. We'd taken to having two different photographers for each pose for different angles.  Bonus: save time!!!
Photo by Nicole
The shop was very nice and had no time limit so we spent ages taking photos everywhere!  When we FINALLY left, it'd begun raining again.  Luckily, we all had umbrellas because this is the rainy season T^T   We took Nicole to eslite book store to find some books she'd found online (they re cheaper in Taiwan than Hong Kong)

Then we headed to another exciting event, but you'll have to wait for later to find out~~~ (this is me attempting a cliffhanger)

Any guesses at to where we went or what event we attended? Just fun guessing ^_~

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