Friday, July 21, 2017

Harajuku Market and small sad news

First let's get the sad and annoying bit out of the way: my laptop is broken so I will be mobile posting until I can get a new one.

Now, on to the fun times! I attended the Harajuku market as a vendor again. Kamiko was unable to come in person so we met up beforehand and I took her items to sell.

I also had Neco as my helper, though she ended up being Kamiko's best customer!

There was a short fashion show for some reason Amber I took the opportunity to close my eyes and relax for a bit.

 When the browsing and shopping resumed, I was surprised to see Mirage there in shironuri!  We met at a Flora Salon event about two years ago when I wore Cyber Lolita.
He actually recognized Taiwan Teddy before recognizing me 〒_〒 

He did a really good job on the makeup as it was an even and solid white and the lines of the eyesmakeup were clean.

After the market had all finished, NiYa, Neco, and I walked to a nearby shopping district and got cheap but yummy pasta!

Taiwan Teddy modeling my squid ink pasta

Then we did some walking around though NiYa and I were both carrying suitcases and I had an extra bag of Kamiko's stuff as well, so we couldn't go anywhere with stairs.

While waiting for Neco at a shop, an adorable bear mascot was promoting.... Something..... But I got a photo of him and Violet together:

Then NiYa took a photo of me with the bear as well!
I wore the same punk military dress as the last market to make me easier to recognize

Overall it was a fun experience as the weather was nicer so there were more customers!  

I know this post has late but I'd been hoping that my laptop would get fixed sooner. Unfortunately it seems I will have to buy a new one instead.

Thank you to everybody who is still here and following!  Also, any recommendations for a cheap laptop would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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