Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Masuda Sebastian X za limited edition compact

Creativity is so wonderful that I envy artists who can make a living simply by making their imagination into a real-life artwork. It would feel like a magical life!

Masuda Sebastion is a famous artist who does very detailed, super-kawaii, over the top designs.  I love it!

So when I saw the collaboration between the artist and the brand za, which I use for liquid foundation and concealer, I just had to grab one!  The product is actually a refill pan for the Liquid x Powder foundation, which I've never used before.
Packaging was very pink!
Inside, each item is wrapped separately. There is an included sponge on the other side of the refill pan.

The back of the refill compact had two squirts of pink glue I hadn't been expecting, and I got it over my fingers T^T  It did fit perfectly and stick to the compact though.  The sponge also has an extra-soft side, which I assume is the side to use for application (can you tell I'm a complete newbie?)

The design of the compact is not just a plain rectangle either. There appear to be two "slices" taken off of the upper left and lower right corners, giving the compact a unique shape.
Let's Play "I Spy"
 Additionally, yesterday was my mom's birthday so I took her out to eat.  I decided to dress up, but more subtly than full-on Lolita fashion.  Apparently my "subtly scale" is broken because I was still asked if I was cosplaying for anything, despite the fact everything except my shoes were purchased right here in Taiwan!!
Medusa's Makeup electro eye shadows were used here
Blush is Dior (travel exclusive)
Lips are Nivea tinted lip balm with Laura Mercier lip gloss
Dress, UV arm sleeves: Local
Socks: Daiso
Shoes: Taobao
Nail Polish: Sweets Sweets Tokyo
 Hope you're all having a great time and support the artists and indie brands that you love!
Who is your current favorite artist?  What is your dream collaboration you'd like to see?
I'd like to see Yoh's Monochratic World get a collaboration with a cosmetics/lashes brand as well! I adore his style, even though it's completely different to Masuda Sebastian's style.

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