Saturday, October 28, 2017

Laser Pigmentation Removal

I'm 99% sure that's not the name of the procedure, but it pretty much describes what it is: remove hyper-pigmentation through laser magic (lasers are all very magic)

My mom had purchased a set of spa treatments at 全康醫學美容診所 (no English name, sorry) but never bothered going by herself, so she asked if I'd like to get a spa facial and I thought, sure!  So these photos from the second time we went, as it was the most intense. I've since had a third treatment which just helped with pores and evening skin tone.
Taken at the spa directly after the treatment

Each wound is where a freckly used to be. I don't like my freckles being too low on my face or being in clumps as it appears like a dirty spot or a bruise.

You can see the spots very clearly here.  Sunscreen is extra important during the healing process!

The scabbing process is important not to pick them off, or there will be a scar.
 I made sure to continue to moisturize a lot throughout the days. Also I forgot to take a photo on Day 4.

Overall I was very pleased with the results. I still have freckles, but not in as messy or blotchy of a style.

Currently I'm looking like this:
The lighting is rather bright (natural light from the sun) but you can see that my skin doesn't have blotches of pigmentation or look dirty. The pain is also not at an intolerable level, just sharp little stings.  I'm happier with how my facial skin looks now. Though freckles are considered an "ugly" flaw, I don't mind the ones than are higher up and look more like the cute drawings of small children with a sprinkling of freckles from cheekbone to cheekbone.

Would you ever go for laser treatment? It's much less invasive than any other form of treatment. There are even laser "liposuction" that spot-reduces fat without a knife.  I told you lasers are magic ^_~

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