Thursday, October 26, 2017


Hello lovelies~ It's been a while since I really had anything interesting to post. I've always been concerned with my blog looking very neat or whatever, but I think I ought to relax a bit. So I'm posting photos from my phone because if I took a photo of something, it must have been important or meaningful.
My first time making a freeform needle-felted critter, I decided on Usakumya-chan!  Unfortunately, using felted red eyes rather than plastic doll eyes makes it look a bit.... creepy....
"Your soul is mine"

I've also done a normal-looking bunny face

And my Pokemon makeup is still going on~
Used mostly Medusa's Makeup and Sugarpill shadows

Also been compulsively buying things so I've had package after package arriving. Some of it was materials to make items to sell, some of it was just me adding things to my cart in a blind panic when I was stressed out. But stressed-out me has good taste.

I've been decorating my own false lashes for a while, so I decided to buy a "professional" pair to compare.

I actually know where this gold rose charm came from
Also sorry it's rather out of focus
 Playing with my macro lens~

Medusa's Makeup glitter in Keylime Pie

Medusa's Makeup glitter in Ziggy

Medusa's Makeup limited edition shadow in Night Owl
Sorry everything is so mixed up. I'm going to try to post more often, even if it's not directly related to Lolita fashion as it's a very small niche to base an entire life story on.

However, this weekend I'm attending a Halloween Lolita meetup haha so there's that to look forward to if you still need your Lolita fix!  I'm actually really anxious because I won't know anybody other than Neco there >_< But gotta face your fears, right?

Have a sparkly and delightful week and Halloween!

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