Thursday, February 8, 2018

Harajuku Market on a Rainy Day

On Feb. 3 we had another Harajuku market, but it was both cold and raining hard that day! So needless to say, sales were abysmal. Though I did make back the vendor fee, I then promptly went with my friends Kamiko and NiYa to the Vivienne Westwood sale and bought two pairs of paw-feet heels.

All the same, it was fun and I've since created a small stand-up display to better display my wares. I twinned with Taiwan Teddy that day and it was nice!
Top: Little Dipper
These are the tallest heels I now own, angle-wise. I have a pair of 18cm heels but the front platform is thick enough to make them feel like 7cm heels while this pair has not much of a front platform at all.
Black paws
Purple paws

So in the end I probably ended up in the red what with transportation costs and buying shoes, but it was still a really fun day!  Now I just need to practice walking in these shoes~

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