Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Not Even a Review: Vivienne Westwood Anglomania X melissa RHS

The original Rocking Horse Shoes by Vivienne Westwood are a Lolita staple, with many Lolita brands having come out with their own versions over the years.   I've wanted to own a pair of RHS since I first fell in love with Lolita fashion, but just browsing the website is enough to give your wallet a heart attack!

When the collaboration with melissa brand came out, I nearly bought a pair as they'd be waterproof (melissa specializes in plastic shoes) but couldn't reasonably afford them. I even went to a local melissa store to ask if they had any, but was told they were not going to import these designs.

Good luck struck as over the weekend I heard about an insane sale of Vivienne Westwood (among other brands) goods from one of our Lolita friends.  I went with Kamiko and found the very shoes I was looking for! Better yet, they were 90% off. That's right; I bought two pairs for one tenth the retail price!
Red and Black
Sadly, work has not been good to me so I was unable to pick up more colors (white, gray, and limited edition Rose Gold were also available) but I'm happy with what I got.

 The logo on the bottom is at the tip of the shoe, which doesn't touch the ground much when walking so I expect it will last a long time!
Logo at the ankle
That's one more thing off my Lolita bucket list! Given how often it rains here, maybe it's fate that I got the melissa collaboration rather than the authentic wood sole ones, which would suffer in the rain.

Word traveled fast and I visited the sale a total of three times, running into different lolitas each time. I wore the red pair the very next day to a lolita meetup, which will be in an upcoming post, so stay tuned to see them in action!

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