Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shironuri Practice

As the title suggests, here are some photos of practicing shironuri makeup styles I've been trying recently.  It is different from normal makeup application O_O

First attempt; no idea what I was doing

Second attempt

Third attempt
I've been practicing because I will be flying to HongKong in April to attend the Minori Lolita tea party!  Minori is probably the best-known shironuri artist, but though her style reflects a lot on nature, I think my style more closely mirrors DJ Bazookistan's sharp lines and bold colors.

Still, I'm not satisfied with any of the looks so far (and they're all so different) so I intend to keep practicing.  I want to match my WaLolita outfit that I will be wearing, which displays different candies in the shape of items such as tigers and goldfish.  I bought it at Meta in Japan this past new year.

Any ideas or tips about shironuri would be much appreciated!  I've also just purchased some more neutral eyeshadows from BH Cosmetics since all my eyeshadows are brights or neons at the moment ^^;  I broke my 88 mattes palette while trying to depot it so most of the neutral/transition/blending shades are gone!

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