Thursday, August 9, 2018

Chinese Style Hair Tutorial

In preparation for this month's Lolita meetup, I've been doing a bit of history and also just watching historic cosplayers' tutorials.  Many hairstyles require false hair bits (I've used those before in my dance troupe for performances) but I found one that could work for Lolita fashion.  I've worn my hair is similar ways before, but this time I loop the tail end of the twintails back to be more historically accurate (and cute!).  I braided my hair as it the texture holds the shape better, but the historic cosplayer I saw did the hairstyle without braiding it, so mine is a modern take.
You can't even see the buns because my hair accessories are so large
I also made video tutorials for this style!  There are two ways to do it depending on how long your hair is ^u^  Currently my hair is only medium-long so I do it the "cheating" way

Chinese version:

English version:

Have you any favorite hairstyles you tend to wear with your coords?  Having no bangs means I usually go for twintails or wear a faux fringe.  I also am just not very good at hair in general....

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