Sunday, September 2, 2018

Chinese Lolita Meetup! Qi/Han Lolita Style

Yesterday was our belated August Lolita Meetup with the theme of "Chinese Lolita"! Inspired by qipao or hanfu, we met two new friends and had a lot of fun!
Hair, JSK: handmade by me
Petticoat: Fantasyland (on taobao)
 We went to traditional-theme restaurant and got our own room inside!  The restaurant is actually located within a night market that is close to where I live now, so I walked there ^u^v

Dragon made of knots

I made my JSK with some Moon Festival theme fabric I found on taobao.  There were only two units of the fabric left, and the border print was printed only on the bottom, so I basically had no room for error @_@

 Though I did make many mistakes in the details, overall the JSK turned out OK.

 The fabric was also much finer than I'd expected so I stitched everything using a French seam, and had to learn to insert a zipper into a French seam (definitely have not mastered that skill....)

The buttons I ordered online because the fabric I had wasn't thick enough to tie them myself and I was too lazy to go buy a different fabric and create the cording myself. Besides, they're available rather cheaply online now!
Base: BB cream, Za powder foundation
Eyebrow: Daiso Japan
Eyes: Dolly Wink base, Medusa's Makeup electro red and white, media liner, AOA Studio gold liner, blue glitter liner
Cheek: Canmake cream cheek, AnimeCosme Cardcaptor Sakura powder blush
Lip: ttmax
Shoe shot!
Clockwise from me (block and white shoes): Me, Neco, Candy, 二千樓, Doro

Me and Doro; I believe her dress is from Strawberry Witch on taobao

The location was really beautiful and the food has improved lots since I first went there a few years ago!

Thanks for reading!  Because two of the girls were new, I'm not going to post group photos with them; so sorry!  They both had lovely dresses from taobao though!

Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing) is really popular in China right now, and has resulted in lots of Han and Qi Lolita clothing designs!  Honestly the good ones (imo) are difficult to find!  I couldn't find one I liked that would be able to ship on such short notice, so I had to make my own dress, but there are some really beautiful designs if you search for "中華風 lolita" on taobao!

Hope everybody is having a good weekend~

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