Monday, July 22, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Zihling Huang

Time for a smaller artist spotlight~  Today is a Taiwanese artist named Zihling Huang (Instagram)(website)  I first found her art through her collaborations with my friend's Lolita brand Little Rose Planet and fell in love with her style!

Image from her Instagram

Described as "a mix of sweet girls with some weirdness added," her girls are "doll-like creatures walking a line between human and inhuman."

Similar to Yoh's Monochrome World, whom I previously wrote about, she does very detailed lines with some yami-kawaii (sick-but-cute) elements as well as dark or Gothic designs.

Image from her Instagram
The proportions and faces of her characters are much more human and less exaggeratedly spindly, though, which I think adds a more kawaii charm to her style.

Image from her Instagram
If you'd like to wear any of her art, be sure to visit Little Rose Planet (JSK, SK, tights are all available!) and support two local Taiwanese artists!!

Do you have any local artists you are a fan of?  Please share if you do because I really want to know more small artists!

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