Sunday, June 30, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Yoh of Yoh's Monochrome World

I'd like to start sharing some of my favorite artists on my blog here!  I enjoy a variety of styles and mediums, and artists both internationally famous and small-time deserve to be seen ^u^v

Today I'm sharing one of my absolute favorite artists, Yoh of Yoh's Monochrome World. (Instagram) (Shop) Many of you may be familiar because he's been featured in Lolita bibles before, which is how I originally discovered his art, and there was also a collaboration with Alice and the Pirates!

I own the book Gothic Lolita Punk (Amazon link) which includes his artwork as well as a variety of other wonderful artists (including famous artist Kira Imai who often does Angelic Pretty illustrations)

His style is very detailed and almost always just ink lines on paper (hence "monochrome world") though occasionally there will be some color.

The pictures usually depict spooky-cute dolly girls and boys.  I especially love the hair and eyes!

Some of the artworks are very sweet-themed too~

I really enjoy the clean lines and hatching/dotted shading.  The illustrations seem to be sort of dark fairytale or dreamy, like the colored illustration above.  Even the dark Gothic pictures don't rely on gratuitous blood or gore to make it seem sinister.  It's more like a creeping shadow than a bloodfest, if you will.  This style appeals to me a lot more, as if you are being gradually drawn into the details and cannot look away.

As for the collaborations with Alice and the Pirates, there are cutsews from 2009 and can be found on Lolibrary (Princess Grape, Princess Pear, Princess Raspberry).  I believe there were collaborations with Tokyo Rebel as well, but don't really know much about that one ^^;

If you use LINE (messaging APP popular in east Asia) there are also LINE stickers you can purchase!
There are currently six sets, three in Japanese and three in English here if you are interested~
The example
Do you enjoy this style of art?  I will try to share more artists regularly, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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