Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anime Detour!

In a sudden change of events, I will be attending Anime Detour!

Detour was the first convention I ever went to. It is definitely more anime-centered than Japan-centered, so I actually stick mainly to the Artist Alley and Dealer's Room ^^;

This year, I am going to help Blasphemina's Closet with her Dealer's Room table! I will be there Friday and Saturday :)

Of course, now this means that I have to think of something to wear @_@ I am thinking on Friday I will wear my Ribbon Rose Gingham One Piece in pink without the sleeves:

My arms are too long and fat for the detachable sleeves T^T

Then on Saturday I would prefer to wear something that I made XD I am planning on wearing my Rococo JSK in Rose Pink

If I can finish the new underdress I am making for class in time, then I would probably wear that under the JSK instead of separate blouse and underskirt! I spent today putting in all the pin tucks and the ruffle on the hem. Unfortunately, I burned the fabric on accident with my iron... right on center front!! When I am finished, I will post photos :)

Is anybody else going to Anime Detour? Hope to see you there!

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