Sunday, April 4, 2010

Alternative Fashion POV

I thought that this episode of "Father Mother D: Very Big" (terrible translation, I know) was very interesting. It is on the different perspectives of alternative fashion from parents and their kids (who wear such style)

The two biggest important points (in my opinion) that were brought up in the video:

"Being Yourself"
Lolitas know this better than anyone! We dress for ourselves, not to attract attention, not to rebel against our parents (though maybe we are rebelling against societal norm?), but because it makes us feel good in our hearts.

"Dress =/= Behavior"
There was quite a bit of parental concern that their kids would become involved with bad habits due to their dress. While it was aimed more towards the punk and vkei styles, it applies very much to lolita style too. For some reason, there seems to be the expectation that lolitas will be a certain way - stereotypes! The lolita wearing Royal Poodle points out that alternative fashion is a hobby. Having a hobby will prevent them from spending their time and money chasing after other bad habits, because they will be spending their time and money on their appearance.
However, most of the kids are still good to their parents, work hard in school, and basically are still "good kids". No worry!

Does anybody know how to download a video, add subtitles, and then reupload? I would like to sub this and put it on YouTube so it can be better understood!

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