Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Detour Review!

Detour was surprisingly fun! It moved to a new hotel this year, and it was much bigger so it was less crowded and more fun!

I helped Blasphemina's Closet all weekend in the Dealer's Room. It was PACKED! I wore my BTSSB Gingham Rose OP in pink on Friday, my Rococo JSK in rose pink on Saturday, and my Wa-Lolita on Sunday! Then I had to change in the parking lot and run off to work ^^;

Photos are after the cut!

Friday's Outfit:

Saturday's Outfit:

and unfortunately I don't have event shots of my wa-lolita outfit!!
Here, have some DA photos!

I had my hair up in Sailor Moon hair like I did on the first day though :3 I think it looks cuter that way! Also I was not wearing glasses!

Anyway, I saw a lot of lolitas at Anime Detour! A lot of them were itas, but at least they looked happy! :) There was a girl wearing a super cute pink dress with black ribbon print from a Chinese company she bought through QCute. It was so cute because when Blasphemina asked her where she had gotten her dreass, she said "oh it's a Chinese brand..." like it was a bad thing! Not true! Cheap Chinese brands can do it right, too!

Speaking of cheap brands, guess who was selling at Anime Detour? BODYLINE! There was a pretty good selection of clothes there with good lace and decent design :) Of course there were couple pieces with plastic lace and questionable design, but most of them were actually good! They were also selling some shoes there. Heart buckle replicas that I wanted so much! It was very nice to be able to see them in person :) They came in both patent leather and non-patent leather, and I must say that the non-patent leather ones look LOADS better!

This girl bought that JSK from Bodyline, and this matching headbow from Blasphemina! It was a funny coincidence and she ended up looking so cute :)

All in all, it was a good experience for me. I hope that one day I will be able to sell my wares so successfully too!

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