Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diary Post~On Food and Sewing

Happy Moon Festival, Princesses! Tonight the moon will be at its fullest of the year; be sure to save some time tonight to gaze up at her, glowing in the night sky. Perhaps you will be able to catch a glimpse of Chang E or the Jade Rabbit, but remember not to point!

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes we forget to stop and stargaze. School has just started, work is piling up, there is always something to do, somewhere to go, and we end up forgetting about the small things in life. Tonight, try to take a breather. Brew a pot of warm tea and indulge in a moon cake! Tea and moon cake taste particularly delicious together as the sweetness of the moon cake is perfectly balanced by the bitterness of the tea. My personal favorite is red bean moon cake (with or without egg yolk) and green tea. This year my grandparents bought some vegetarian moon cakes in mung bean and red bean flavor. I am looking forward to enjoying them tonight!


On a completely unrelated note, I have been thinking of posting sewing projects and tutorials on my blog. I got into sewing through T-shirt surgery (and actually re-kindled my interest for lolita fashion through T-shirt surgery. It is a long story, perhaps I will tell it sometime!) and tutorials on the internet. While some "artists" prefer to keep "trade secrets" in an attempt to stay on top, I believe that true artists will share all knowledge in order the further the development of skills overall. When I first started sewing lolita clothing, I had only a few tutorials to go off of, and consequently made a pretty bad first attempt ^^; It was not super ita-tastic and I did know enough about lace quality to have used good cotton lace, but from a seamstress point of view, oh my goodness it was awful. I did not know to hem it and left the edge simply serged. I did not know how to gather and instead made large, uneven pleats. While now there ARE tutorials for these basics, I would like to share what knowledge I DO have with everybody :)

On Monday I went on a solo adventure to find the DIY district nearby to get some thread and fabric to start making some basic bloomers, but got hopelessly lost :( Fortunately, I did find my way back home! Perhaps I shall make another trip tomorrow to try and find it again.

What types of tutorials would you be interested in seeing? I have gone to school for sewing, make the majority of my own lolita clothing, and have made dresses to sell. The only thing I am NOT confident in at the moment is blouses. I can make them, but not well enough that I feel I could teach it at this point. I will add a poll to the sidebar for readers to vote on, so please vote if you would like to see tutorials!