Friday, September 10, 2010

Belle's Library~Going the Distance

Originally I wanted to make a "Belle's Library" series to talk about books, movies, and music related to the Lolita aesthetic, but to be honest this post is more of a plain old movie review and slight diary post!

Yesterday I met up with Evelyn and Kathy to see Going the Distance, called 真愛零距離 in Chinese (True Love Zero Distance or True Love Face-to-Face if translated literally) at 西門町/XiMen Ding!

It was a Thursday morning (we caught the 10:30AM showing) and tickets cost NT$290 and included a drink and popcorn. This was the first time I have bought popcorn and a drink at a movie theater! Before this, I have only had food in a movie theater when my aunt bought it last time I came back. She thought it was really funny that the first time I had movie theater food was when I was 18 :D

Anyway, sorry for the off topic side story! The movie had a good storyline in my opinion! It was sweet and funny and realistic. My only complaint is that it was definitely a lot more lewd than necessary, to the point of being forced (especially in the beginning). Now I am definitely not a fan of explicit vulgarities, but I can take a sex joke occasionally when there is a good setup. In Going the Distance they take the sex joke and just keep going.... and going... and going... and then return to the plot at hand. If you look past the teenage humor though, it is really quite a good movie! The characters are real, they have realistic conflicts, and they actually learn and grow as people throughout the movie. This is not JUST one long sex joke!

Would I recommend going to see this movie? Personally I would recommend it for a girls only outing, but that may be because I feel awkward when there is that much sex on screen with mixed company. In the end, it all depends on how you and your friends feel about such things, but I do think that this is a movie worth seeing in theaters or after DVD release!

Going the Distance on IMBD