Wednesday, September 29, 2010

♪Here Comes The Sun♪

Summer has silently slipped away. Mr. Sun starts sleeping in later, birds start flying South, and the trees are beginning to color themselves brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Amidst falling leaves dancing gaily in the wind, the Lolita Princess is settling into her daily school routine and pulling out her warm cardigans, wool tights, and long sleeved blouses in preparation for the cooler months ahead. Now is the time to break out the tartans and dresses of rich velvet or thick corduroy.

However, do not feel limited to the usual fall palette of browns, blacks, and burgundy! Who says you cannot bring a splash of color to brighten up the drab, cooler months if you so desire? Bring on the apple prints, cake motifs (autumn and winter are great baking times!) and brightly colored deer! Yes, it is possible to be colorful in autumn and winter!

Charming Motifs
I bought this fabric to make a dress out of. It is a cream base with a print of pink apples and red glitter accent apples. Apples are a very autumn-themed motif! Try working some apple jewelry or colors (reds, yellows, greens) into your wardrobe! The most famous apple print is probably Meta's Apple Print dress. Now is the perfect season to wear it in any colorway!

Deer print! This print works well for both spring and autumn in my opinion. The bright colors and flowers are reminiscent of springtime flora, while the jumping deer, trees, and toadstool-looking house remind me of taking a mid-autumn stroll through a fairytale forest. The squirrel has even picked a full cart of apples!

Of course, if tartans, brown plaids, and navy velvet are your thing, rock it by all means. I have a tartan JSK I love for its schoolgirl feel, and woven tartans are usually made of thicker material anyway, thereby making them perfect for autumn.

Charming Meetup Activities
♥Photoshoot Meetup♥
Take advantage of the brilliantly-colored trees and plan a photoshoot meetup! It does not matter if you are using point-and-shoot cameras or if a friend happens to have a photography hobby or job, the point is to have fun and capture the beauty of the season
J-Live (the Goth and lolita shop) has a photoshoot meetup planned for October 3rd, but I am not sure if I can make it! I really want to meet some of the Taiwanese lolitas in person, but my dad will be visiting during that time so I will probably be busy :(

Search the web for nearby apple orchards to go apple-picking at. Many of us went as children, whether on a school field trip or with family, and it is sure to bring back fond memories as well as make many more new ones. Perhaps you will even pick up some fresh apple cider or other apple product from the orchard as a (delicious!) souvenir

♥Baking Party!♥
This idea works better with less people, but is great for a mini-meetup. Save some of the apples from your apple-picking meetup and bake some pies, cakes, tarts, cookies, apple butter, apple cider, or anything else you can think of! Not an expert chef? There are many ready-to-bake pie skins and cake mixes you can use to ensure perfect results if you are not confident enough to start from scratch. Make mini pies or cupcakes so your guests can bring them home :) Or better yet, make cake/pie pops! Head on over to Bakerella for some extremely creative cake pop ideas or pie pops

Have more ideas? Post them in the comments! And most of all, have fun and enjoy the changing of the seasons!