Monday, September 13, 2010

Lolita 100 Meme #71-80

I almost forgot that I still have some of this meme to finish! Originally I filled out the whole thing and saved it, but now I am changing some answers as my views and experiences change...

(71) ロリィタは何歳から何歳まで許されますか?(What age should you stop Lolita?)
I do not believe there is an arbitrary age to stop wearing Lolita. As people grow and evolve, they will dress to fit their personality :) When one no longer feels the Lolita Spirit, Lolita fashion will not feel right any more

(72) どういう状態になったら、ロリィタは卒業すべきと考えますか?(ずっと続けて良いも、アリです)(When do you think you should graduate from Lolita? And why?)
Similar to the previous question, and I have a similar answer: When it doesn't feel right any more. Maybe you will graduate from one style to another before eventually leaving it all together, but it depends on the individual!

(73) コレだけは止めてくれ! というロリィタファッション上の注意はありますか?("You should stop that!!!>_<;" What must you not do when dressing lolita?
I do not think that Lolitas should be unpleasant, but I think that applies to all people in general ;) I would hope that Lolitas in general would have more patience for people who do not understand the fashion. One should make a good impression, because it is likely that people will judge ALL Lolitas based on one person's attitude simply because we are a subculture fashion

(74) ロリィタとはこうあるべき! というような考えはありますか?(A lolita should be 'this'! What do you think that should be?)
Confident and polite!

(75) 73以外で、ロリィタさんにコレはして欲しくない! ということがあったら、どうぞ。(Excluding #73, is there anything you should deffinately not do in lolita?)
Um... be a prostitute? That just sort of ruins the already tainted image for the rest of us XD

(76) 男の方のロリィタファッションについてどう思いますか?(What do you think of men in Lolita?)
If you can rock it, go for it!

(77) ロリィタをして、それ以前から何か変わりました?(Did you change yourself for dressing lolita?)
Not really :) I am more confident now though! I used to be a complete wallflower and only wore long skirts and big, baggy hoodies (with a t-shirt underneath!) in dark colors. Now I am more sure of who I am and am working on being more assertive, standing up for myself, and being more confident!

(78) 周囲の人はアナタがロリィタをすることについて何と言っていますか? 受け入れてくれてますか?(What does your family and surrounding people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?)
I don't think anyone minds :3 My mom likes it and last time I brought her to a meetup (the Art in Bloom meetup in April) she had fun explaining it to other people :) Of course, my family is Chinese and have never heard of the novel "Lolita" or "Lolita Complex"

(79) 真夏の暑い祭にアナタはどんなロリィタファッションをしますか?(How do you dress Lolita in the boiling mid-summer?)
Very lightly! In MN I would still wear a blouse and skirt combo or wear a blouse under my JSK, but here in Taiwan I usually go without a blouse! Not only do I only have 1 blouse here (and it is cream... which only matches one of my skirts), it is really much too hot!

(80) 学校・職場などにロリィタで行っていますか?(have you gone to School or Work in lolita?)
I wore Lolita to school for about 3 years, but at work the dress code was pretty strict! I am trying to be an English teacher here in Taiwan now, and I am pretty sure there is a uniform (school T-shirt and black pants) so I will be unable to wear Lolita if I get the job