Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meetup Report! Rabbit Rabbit III and Maiden Diner

Yesterday I had a double meetup! The first was a meetup with local Lolitas at an adorable restaurant called Rabbit Rabbit III (because it is the third branch) and shortly afterward I met a Lolita from the USA who is visiting in Taiwan and we went to a Maid Cafe.

Though the day was quite hot, I was wearing a corset under my outfit too @__@ Finally got to wear my BABY Parfait skirt out though!! First time it is seeing the sunshine after its color run disaster!

Group shot in front of Rabbit Rabbit III:

image courtesy of Loi蘿伊, on the far right

Crazy colored walls everywhere!

Adorable Menu!

It was incredibly crowded, but the area we were seated in was on a slightly raised platform and towards the back, hidden from view so we didn't have any issues with phantom photographers :D

Afterwards I met up with Heather and we window-shopped a bunch before heading to a cute little Maid Cafe called Maiden Diner. We weren't allowed to take photos of the decor or the maids, but we did take photos of our food!

My honey waffles! The drawings are done in chocolate syrup and super cute! Unfortunately, in the process of eating, the maid's face is inevitably wiped off :(

Heather's strawberry waffles.

Compared to the last maid cafe I went to, this one was so much better! It is MUCH smaller, seating only about 8 tables, but very cute and sweet. It had a "bus" or "train" theme for some reason, but all in pink and with little plushies sitting in the dangling handholds.

On our way out, we saw an elegant-looking butler cafe! I'm interested in trying that out too...

Hope the Maid Cafe report wasn't too off topic :P Honestly, I just really like the idea of theme cafes!!