Saturday, July 2, 2011

Completely Off Topic Posts are OK If There are Cute Animals Involved

Today was spent sewing and going to work. Oh, and squeeing over the new pets that my mom bought - baby mini chickens!
今天是平凡的一天。 做做衣服,上上班。 對了,還有看到媽媽買的小雞時的興奮!

Yes, this is totally off topic, but you do want to see photos of the two baby chickens we have now, right?



They need to be kept warm for the first 8 days and I'm super scared they'll die! My first rabbit was a baby and it died after a couple of days. Well, it had been attacked by a cat when I first got it, so maybe it was from internal injuries, but still. I think babies are fragile!
賣家說前八天要保持溫暖的狀態。 我是超怕牠們兩個忽然死掉! 第一次養小兔子時牠過了幾天就過世了。 也許是因為來到我家的前幾天被貓攻擊啦,但給我的映像還是覺得小動物很弱!