Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tiana's Kitchen~Easy "Ice Cream" 簡單DIY冰淇淋

熱熱的夏天令人很想吃冰食來降低體溫。但好吃的冰淇淋通常高熱量高脂肪而且加了很多防腐劑和其它人工塑料。想吃健康又天然的冰淇淋也不難! 只需要一種材料就行了!
In the high heat of summer, there is nothing quite as satisfying as cooling down with a scoop or two of delicious ice cream. Unfortunately, regular ice cream tends to be high in fat and calories and/or filled with preservatives or artificial chemicals. Today I will show you how to make a healthy and delicious "ice cream" with only one ingredient!

Ice cream??

1-2 bananas/香蕉


1) 將香蕉剝皮切丁。Peel and cut the banana into slices

POINT! 香蕉越熟越甜。稍微過熟的香蕉不必加糖會健康一點。 The riper the banana, the sweeter it is. Slightly overripe bananas will make the ice cream sweet enough without the need for extra sugar, which is healthier!

2) 把切好的香蕉冰到凍箱裡。 Freeze the banana slices.

3) 想吃冰淇淋時就把凍好的香蕉丟到大杯子裡用料理棒打成泥。When you want to eat ice cream, take out the frozen banana and blend it with a food processor or a hand held blender.

4) 挖出來就能吃了! Scoop it out and enjoy!

POINT! 試試其它水果來換別的口味! 芒果,火龍果,等都能試看看喔! Try different types of fruit for different flavors! Try mangoes, dragonfruit, etc.