Monday, July 4, 2011

Under the Weather

Yay it's typhoon season here in Taiwan! And by "yay!" I really mean "aw, man!"

Sudden rainstorms can hit randomly and the temperature is really crazy! Yesterday I went out to buy some fabric and wore Lolita. Though it was a bit hot, I still wore a blouse, my full petticoat, and glass socks, which are cooler than cotton socks. Then on my way home it suddenly started pouring rain while thunder and lightening lit up the sky. Luckily, I carry an umbrellasol (sunny and rainy use umbrella+parasol combo!) at all times so I didn't get TOO wet

And thus, today's topic is on choosing the appropriate Lolita outfit for the weather

If you would like to wear an outfit that cannot get wet, such as Brand clothing, check the weather forecast first! Even if you bring an umbrella, splashing water, angled rain, and brushing against other people can still get your skirt and socks wet!

If your country or region has a rainy season, keep a foldable umbrella with you at all times. Even better, get a foldable umbrellasol so you can use it whether it is rainy or sunny!
A BABY umbrellasol

Wear sunblock! If you don't like sunblock, try to get a moisturizer with SPF or foundation with SPF if you wear makeup.

Carry an umbrellasol to protect your skin from UV rays. Here in Taiwan, it is quite cheap and common to be able to buy an umbrellasol on the streets. Make sure it has UV filtering for maximum effect!

EDIT: Thanks to Connie for this tip:
A straw hat or bonnet is another pretty way to keep the sun off of your face.

Keep a pretty, foldable fan in your purse to help cool off.
An example of a Victorian folding fan

Oil-blotting papers are a lifesaver!

EDIT: Thanks to Connie for reminding me about fabrics!
Fabrics to consider:
*cotton* breathable and hydrophilic; wicks sweat away from skin
*chiffon* sheer material like chiffon keeps you covered but not as hot. Brands often put out chiffon blouses for Spring and Summer

Tips from Sabayon:
Wear plain tights in the summer to prevent chub rub without needing bloomers

Soak tights in ice water for portable air-conditioning!

When it is snowy, chances are you won't be outside the whole time, so dress in layers! For MN winters I would layer wool tights, flannel bloomers, and socks to keep my feet warm in my boots. I wore a blouse under my dresses (and sometimes a cami under the blouse if it was paired with a skirt) and a cardigan on top. Cover it all with a warm coat, double-layered gloves, a cute scarf, and very importantly, a hat! Dressing in layers allows you to add or remove to adapt to the temperature changes.

Moisturize a lot in snowy weather to prevent windburn.

If there is a lot of snow on the ground, you may want to wear sunglasses during the day because the snow reflects light and that can hurt your eyes!

EDIT: Thanks to Connie for reminding me about fabrics!
Fabrics to consider:
*cotton* it won't get cold like synthetic materials, so your coat won't be cold on the inside when you first put it on! This is a personal preference, as some people prefer the slide-y quality of polyester linings, but for me, cotton is the way to go!
*wool/cashmere* Pricey but warm! Investing is some good wool undergarments or socks will really make a difference in the cold weather!
*fur* Real or fake fur traps body heat between the hairs and keeps you warmer

When there is a lot of wind, try avoiding skirts/dresses with a wide hemline such as tiered skirts, which are easily caught by the wind
A Meta tiered skirt - each tier is wider than the previous one

Carry a sidealong purse to help hold down your skirt. If a gust of wind does sweep under the hem, you only need to worry about holding down one side.

"Weigh down" the hemline with layers of ruffles or heavier material. Try pinning charms or fishing weights to the inside of the hem if you are really worried about accidental bloomer-flash! The weights shouldn't be so heavy they alter the shape of your skirt, but they do offer some protection against the wind

Have you got any tips for choosing an outfit to suit the weather? Please share in the comments below if you do!