Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pose! Accessory Time~

Common Lolita accessories such as purses and parasols are very useful and pretty. However, sometimes when it comes to photo time, it is difficult to figure out whether to stow them out of sight, make them a focal point, or just hold them casually if there is no clean place to set them down!

In this post I am going to cover bonnets, parasols, and purses for if you want to keep them in your photos.

Bonnets are quite eye-catching due to their large size and the fact that pretty much nobody other that historical re-enactors and Lolitas wear them! The easiest way to make them a focal point of your photo is to bring one or two hands to touch the brim.

Lolita idol Misako Aoki shows us how it's done:

Here is another example of a full-body shot and one hand touching:

As you can see, it is quite easy and effective! Just make sure you are not covering any part of your face :)

Parasols are another accessory that stands out in the Western world because not many people carry them. Here in Asia, EVERYBODY has an umbrellasol, so it's really not so odd!

The simplest way to have your parasol in the photo is to close it and hold it to your side so it is visible, but not taking up a ton of room and/or blocking other people.

If you are in a photo with very few people or doing a photoshoot with an open parasol, the best angle to show off the details is at a slight angle. Generally, the prints and ruffle detailing is on the outside of the parasol (though recently I have seen umbrellasols with designs on the insides - maybe Lolita Brands will catch that trend too!) so that is the main portion to show off. One or both hands on the handle both look elegant. Make sure not to slouch at all, or it will look like your parasol is weighing you down!

Pretty much everybody has a purse. Always. When I first started documenting my Lolita outfits I would just stash my purse out of sight, but after getting cuter purses I wanted them to be in the photo with me! Here are some ways of holding your purse without looking awkward:

Crook of the arm:
This works very well for short-handled purses. It brings the purse up to waist height and gives you something to do with one arm so it is not hanging limply, being dragged down by a purse full of bricks ;)

Coy Pose/Backpack Pose
Holding your purse with both hands in front is a super cute look! It seems a little shy, but sweet.
If your purse is a backpack style such as AP's bunny bag, hang one strap on your shoulder and stand at an angle so the bag peeks out from behind your arm. Practicing the angle can help you get the perfect balance between showing your outfit and your backpack-style purse.

Wow, this post is quite image-heavy!

I hope this helped some of you out a little :)
Let's end with another image of accessories in photos!