Monday, July 16, 2012

Lolita Runway Challenge ~ Materials Post!

Thank you to everybody who is continuing in the challenge!

Note: to those of you who aren't following the challenge, sorry for the recent Runway Challenge post spams! I am also queing another sewing tutorial, so please look forward to that! I may also post more "daily life" photos and hopefully more simply Taiwan-related things. I've been busy despite it being summer ^^; Thanks for continuing to follow my blog!

1: Sparklewolfie
Here are my materials~
A woven tartan fabric
Crochet cotton lace
Plush ribbon
And white cotton lining (not pictured)

Let's see what everybody else is using!

2: Miss Rose
Miss Rose
Miss Rose has an adorable teddy-printed tartan fabric!! Some lace and ribbon to accompany will make a beautiful dress!

3: Madeline Hatter
Due to technical difficulties, photos are not available but she told me she bought them already ^u^ and will be posted on Wednesday

4: Eithne
Her fabric looks just like the original *u* Gorgeous!

7: HimeBlackOnyx
Blog Post Here

Thank you for keeping up, everybody! Let's get patterning and sewing!

The next step is:
Draft, drape, or alter patterns if using. Post photos of your patterns and post them as a comment to this post. If you are using an unaltered commercial pattern, you can just leave the pattern number. If you keep a blog you can link it in the comments for your entry, too.
Deadline: July 30th