Sunday, July 1, 2012

Change it Up! On Removable Hair Pieces

Hairstyles make a big impact on the overall look of an outfit. The cut, styling, and accessories can completely alter the way your coordinate looks, or even the way YOU look!

I've been contemplating getting a feathered hime cut for the past two years. While a hime cut is a staple in Lolita fashion, I was afraid I would hate the look on me, get annoyed with having something on my face, and/or be unable to keep up with the trimming!

Finally, I decided to buy clip-on bangs with the last wig group order we had. They were very cheap (around US$3-6 I think) but have passed as real hair. Clip-on bangs tend to be able to get away with cheaper fibers because you can blend it with your real hair. The surface area is also much smaller than falls, extensions, or a full wig, so even if the fibers are a bit shiny, there won't be as many of them to catch the light the wrong way.

I wore the bangs for the first time when filming a Lolita short for my schoolmate's class project (unfortunately, most of the girls involved in filming have requested to not have the film posted anywhere, so I cannot share it!)

This is how I look with bangs and my hair down.

This is with my hair in pigtails!

There are actually longer pieces at the sides, but they have blended into my natural hair so cannot be seen.

I think I look quite different compared to my normal, bangless state! I like both looks, so I won't be cutting my hair, but will definitely wear these bangs more!

They do need a bit of a trim on one side ;) The hairs kept poking me in the eye so I had to brush them out of the way, which is why there is a slight gap.

Removable hair pieces are awesome because they are not as expensive or hot as full wigs, don't need to be sewn or glued in like extensions, and provide quick, easy changes in look! Being able to blend your natural hair in with the fibers also makes them look much more real. KAMIKO has a pair of curly hair falls she wears over her natural, curled pigtails. When the falls and her natural hair are mixed together, it is near impossible to tell she is wearing falls!

Have you ever tried removable hair pieces? Or do you prefer to just take some scissors and chop away? Hair grows back, so it's really not a big deal ;) I would love to know about others' experiences!

P.S. I changed my header :) The background is of a mountain in Taiwan that I visited when I was in the summer camp I joined when I first arrived here. It was quite beautiful!!