Friday, October 26, 2012

A Sweet Halloween Mini-Meetup

Yesterday I went to a mini-meetup with some friends to try out the Halloween special at a special ice cream shop, Glacio. It is a part of the "exotic" food court at 板橋大遠百/Mega City in 板橋/Banqiao.

For NT$280/US$9.60 you can get this limited edition pumpkin cake and ice cream set. The cut-off finger cookie is free with every order!

Since pumpkin is not a popular flavor in Taiwan (sob) I was excited to try this!

This is what it looked like. I'd eaten a Subway sandwich before coming, so I did not order any savory food. That was a good idea because the serving sizes for the savory food was ENORMOUS!

An ice cream spider with chocolate legs and a chocolate spider web sitting on whipped cream and thin slices of chocolate cake. I ate this little fellow first, as he started melting under the warm sun!

Some chocolate ghosts coming out of a pile of fruit and whipped cream. The cookie finger with jam sauce was also quite delicious!


Pumpkin mousse cake on a thin slice of pumpkin cake. It would have been better if it had been kept colder. I was unable to finish such a rich cake!


I thoroughly regret ordering this hot chocolate to go with. I was far too full and the hot chocolate really wasn't that good considering it is a real chocolate block and was quite expensive...

My outfit from the meetup! It's the JSK from the Lolita Runway Challenge :)

Normally, this puff pastry dish is what Glacio is most famous for. KAMIKO ordered this with her boyfriend. It is good for two people to split, because it is HUGE!

KAMIKO had some adorable bunny ear muffs, so we took photos!

Her matching mittens!

Dinosaur Lolitas are taking over Taiwan!